The San Diego Book Project began in 2007 by donating books to students at a local inner city elementary school, books that had been given to us by Don Brown and Ted Kehoe, the owners of Abookheaven, a local online book seller. We became a California Nonprofit Corporation in 2011, and received tax-exempt status per IRC 501(c)(3) the same year.

Since our inception from donating books to one teacher in one classroom, we have donated books to over 150 different organizations and schools, and now rent a warehouse in downtown San Diego.

To date we have given away over 750,000 books.

Past Projects

The Book Project has shipped books to schools in South Africa, India, Peru, and the Philippines. We have given books to Veterans Administration hospitals throughout the United States, various prisons and jails, and a host of social service programs.

Numerous preschools, elementary, middle and high schools in San Diego County have added thousands of books to classroom and on-campus libraries. In addition, thousands of books have been given to students to keep in their own personal libraries at home. For many of these students, these are the first books they have ever owned.

We hold an open house once a month for teachers and qualified organizations to come to our facility and help themselves to books.